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Benefits of Tulsi Herbal Tea

by Sip Up 22 Nov 2023
Benefits of Tulsi Herbal Tea - SipUp India

BEDTIME SIP: Chamomile Known for their innate calming quality, It relaxes nerves and soothes the nervous system and Lemongrass has a fresh, lemony aroma with citrus flavor, therefore helping you sleep better, - A perfect Bedtime Brew.

HEALTH BENEFITS: This is a wonder blend of herbs for anxiety and sleeping disorders along with numerous health benefits, from soothing skin irritation to relieving anxiety, treating stomach problems, relieving muscle spasms, treating infections, gum inflammation, reducing puffiness under eyes, clearing acne, etc.
Specialty: 100% natural. ‘Zero’ Caffeine. No added preservatives/artificial flavor /color.

Taste: The soothing mix of Chamomile flowers & Lemongrass is subtle and flowery, lemony with a light and gentle taste.

Caffeine: Caffeine Free

Quality: A Grade

Ingredients: Chamomile & Lemongrass

Net Quantity: 75 Gram

EASY-TO-MAKE: Boil 1/cup (150ml) of water at 990C - Place 2gm Easy Sleep Tisane into it – Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes – Strain the Tisane into a cup Sweeten with honey as per taste.

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