Mastering The Art Of Tea & Tisane

Our sustainability promises and our embryonic passion for tea is the driving force behind this brand. No matter the Season, Our teas can be served as hot and cold brews.

Its benefits go far beyond its exquisite color and flavor. Our teas filled with herbs, flowers, and fruits are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that are great for cleansing the body of toxins and strengthen our immune system.

Procurement Of Raw Material With Care

In order to balance our taste with its health benefits for our precious customer we have a technically qualified team based on their experience, they travel farms across India to select and procure authentic raw materials. They not only procure the raw materials in commercial manner but they make sure to establish an emotional bonding with the farmers and tea collectors which motivates them not to adulterate or contaminate the raw materials with any types of chemicals or pesticides.

As we believe the Indian traditional practices for farming were much more developed our team meticulously collect data, insights, and best practices from all of our growing partners from different zones and share them to improve overall quality with farming, harvesting and post-harvest methods.

Processing Of Tea

We believe Tea in all its forms—whole leaf, buds, half processed, fully processed —should be an approachable, accessible luxury needs. To add proper value in our farm produce, our processing partners take control of it and move towards getting quality tea. With our specialised chefs we put our effort to make the taste memorable experience in and of itself through the act of preparation.

Our goal is to make our Tea a memorable and to make the act of preparing and enjoying a cup of our Tea and experience in and of itself.

We also tie adherence to sustainable farming and environmental practices with our commitment to paying above Fair Trade prices for truly outstanding Teas. This ensures responsible stewardship of the land, and a sustainable business model for our farmers, resulting in partnerships that thrive year after year. Because of this, we're able to provide you with exclusive, remarkable Teas you won't find anywhere else.